Tips to Being the Best College Student

I recently graduated from college a little over a month ago! Wooohooo! It’s safe to say that it is still very surreal to finally come to the realization that I will NEVER be an undergraduate in college again! I’m officially an adult in the REAL WORLD after four LONG years! Over the course of my four years in college, I learned A LOT about myself and the world around me. As I look back on my college experience, I realize how much I have accomplished and how much college has contributed to my personal growth and life goals. I am providing 4 steps to being the best college student.

  • Apply Yourself

I believe the key to success is Application. That means that in order to accomplish that goal, vision, or dream you must put in the work to achieve that goal!! College is an essential step now of days to success and financial freedom, it is Step 1 in the Application process. Therefore, it is very critical that in classes you always put your best foot forward and take pride in your work. College is not easy but you HAVE TO DO THE WORK! Take notes, study, read, plan!! Most importantly, if you are having difficulties in a class ask for HELP! No one will ever know your struggles if you don’t tell your peers or faculty members that can assist in your needs. Do not be ashamed to ask for help because your professors will know that by asking you are applying yourself!

  •  Believe in Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself no one will and if others do, you won’t believe it! The persons opinion that matters the most in relation to yourself is your own. It is imperative that you believe in yourself and your capabilities. One of the most common diseases to have in Self-Doubt. I call it a disease because it is often times something that several people fall victim of. GET RID OF IT! Self-Doubt is a DREAM KILLER and our goal is to LIVE DREAMS! If you want to own your own company, be a professor, be a doctor, write a book, or be a photographer… You have to believe that you can. Envision the day that you are working and working happily at something that you’ve always wanted to do. THAT IS THE GOAL and College gets you there! So, when you feel like quitting and as if it’s not worth it envision that goal!

  •  Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Throughout my college career, I always took advantage of opportunities that could benefit my future goals and interest. No matter how nervous or fearful I may have been I went for the unknown and accepted the challenge of allowing the “unknown” to impact my life. As a result, lots of opportunities that I decided to go for turned into life changing and rewarding experiences. Because I took advantage of opportunities I’ve had the opportunity to travel to New York City, Los Angeles, Niagara Falls, and Puerto Rico. I’ve had the opportunity  of researching and learning about topics that I’ve always been interested in. I’ve also served on several committees and have had several leadership opportunities. I’ve written several articles and gained experience in reporting as a journalist because I asked where I could access these resources and I made a way. I made the best out of my college experience by making opportunities for myself and building connections and relationships.

  •  Create Memories

There was never anything to do at school. Half the time I was bored or I left and went to hang out somewhere else (I rarely spent time on campus) lol. But I created Memories wherever I went. When I was on campus, my friends and I made  sure that we created unforgettable memories. We went to events and participated in events on campus together like Spring Fest, Kwanzaa Celebration, Dance Alloy, etc. We often times spent hours talking, watching tv, or listening to music and singing along. If we weren’t doing this than we may have been getting dressed for a party, but regardless of what we were doing the more we’d hang out we learned a lot about one another and grew closer. If I wasn’t on campus, I went to the zoo, I took a road trip, I went shopping, etc. Now I have stories for years that my friends and I could reminisce on. College is the perfect time to live carefree and broke college student lives lbvss 🙂 Sadly, when it is over….you will wish you had it back!

One thought on “Tips to Being the Best College Student

  1. I’m about to be a junior in college and this past semester I madw straight A’s! I’ve never ever made straight A’s before sinthis was like an ultimate accomplishment but I realized it happened because I worked so hard. Continuously. Great post!

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