USVI Naturalista My Story On How I Keep My Hair Healthy And Happy

Thank you to Brytnie Jones for allowing me to be a guest blogger to share tips on my natural hair journey as well as some of my staple natural hair products.

Greetings to all I am Renisha Thomas a career driven, mother of one, lover of DIY, simply island chic from St. Croix USVI. I will be sharing my personal experiences that I’ve been doing to keep my hair healthy and happy and most of all manageable. I do hope that this information is helpful for many who may be having some difficulty with their hair. I encourage my fellow sistas to keep rocking with their kinks and coils no matter what stage you might be presently. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

My natural hair journey began in 2012 after realizing the relaxer was thinning out my hair. I decided to transition for 6 months. Shortly after I got tired of transitioning due to the two different hair textures and decided to Big Chop. How exciting that day was for me. It was a bit of a repulsive decision but I never looked back. Even though I received some negative comments about my newly “manly fro”. I felt horrible at first but I didn’t let those comments distract me. So now I big chopped now what? I began watching daily youtube videos, joined different hair groups on social media, and did some research on the new fab on Natural hair. I took those advice and techniques and began experimenting on my hair. During my early years of being natural I spent a drastic amount of dollars trying to find a product that would make my hair “curly” I was determine to get the type of hair I’ve seen my friends has and was not I repeat “was not” giving up. Needles to say I never successfully won the battle.

As a naturalista I’m sure you heard the phrase “product junkie
“someone who compulsively purchase any and all hair care products in sight and is forever on a mission to find the next best thing”.

Are you or where you one of those ladies? It’s ok I was one too. I became obsessed with trying so many different products all at once that I never took the time to learn and understand what my hair really likes. It took me a while (years) actually to realize that I was wasting money. I cleaned up my act pretty quickly after that and began to use up my stash and narrow down to a simple wash day routine.

Follow along as I share how I keep track of my wash routine, the importance of knowing your hair porosity, and my current staple hair products.

  • I encourage everyone to know your hair porosity. This will benefit you in so many ways on saving money as well guiding you in choosing product selection. Check out this link for more information on how to test your hair porosity.
  • Add Tarchelle Bryant natural hair journal book to your arsenal. This journal helps you figure out what your hair loves. It’s a 4 week journal suitable for a newly natural and seasonal one too. I was gifted this book by the author and I learned so much, If you love writing and keeping track of your hair progress this is the book for you. Click on the link to purchase a copy for yourself
  • I’m a low porosity chica so I follow the deep condition on dry hair method with heat, followed by a rinse out conditioner. Once a month I detox my hair using the soultanicals “hair detox” followed with my deep condtioner rinse out and style. Please watch my friend @Mythriftedcloset she has tons of useful information on her low porosity hair.
  • Wearing a satin bonnet at night aids in the protection of dryness which can be caused from friction from your pillows, plus bonnets help retain moisture and second day hair. This is another MUST have. DISCLAIMER: wearing a bonnet to bed is not the most attractive garment to your partner, he may look at you side eyed .
  • Jamaican Black Castor oil is another staple product that are multipurpose. I mix 2 tsp in my deep conditioner, I use it as a pre poo, hot oil treatment, and weekly scalp massages. I order from
  • Another book to add to your arsenal is the Science of Black Hair. I consider this your Natural Hair encyclopedia.


Please share below your questions, and I will be happy to answer. Stay social with me on my platforms
-IG @reni_stx
-Facebook Renisha Thomas,
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Love and Blessings!



15 thoughts on “USVI Naturalista My Story On How I Keep My Hair Healthy And Happy

  1. Total opposite for me. I stopped being a product junkie when I went natural. Before that I was always looking for the new product that would prevent my hair breakage. I also have low porosity hair, so my new challenge now is retaining the moisture


  2. I am not a product junky. I have a few things for my daughter and that’s it. As for me, I got to the hair salon.


  3. I’m currently wearing a short natural cut. I’m flirting with the idea of growing it out this winter. I’m still on the fence with that one. My daughter is 5 and has a head full of natural hair that I’m taking good care of.

    I need to figure out our hair porosity though.


  4. I need to figure out my hair porosity to figure out what type d products I need. I also need to do the big chop as my hair is different lengths but I’m nervous to do it..


  5. It’s so good to see a fellow USVI girl guest blogging. Natural hair has become so fluid with the resources available. I love castor oil but have never even heard of hair porosity. Even though I have very long locs, I love learning abut natural hair. I’ll be looking into it.


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