Did I Miss the Memo?

The meeting before Grad School officially began made me wonder if I missed the memo and there was a secret club that I was not apart of. And let me tell you now it was RUDE!

So it’s Friday and I’m requested to attend a department meeting! YAYYY!! (sarcastic vc). But it’s my first year as a graduate student and why not, right?? This is the perfect time to meet some professors in my field and some of my fellow classmates and colleagues.

As I walk into this meeting, I’m already thinking, “Why am I here? I have a million other things to do.” Wrong attitude, I know! No need for the lecture! But as the meeting began and I sat and listened to the endless talking go on and on, my thought remained the same. Not to mention…EVERYONE IN THE ROOM WAS DRESSED UP EXCEPT FOR ME! How did that happen? There I was sitting with some jeans, a tie dye YMCA T-shirt, and sandals. UGH! While everyone else had on dresses, heels, suits, and dress shoes. (rolls eyes) If that wasn’t enough, the one thing that made me feel even more out of place was when the speaker asked all the Graduate Assistants to stand up! That’s me!!!!  So I stand up and look around the room and to my surprise all the graduate students are SITTING IN THE SAME SECTION BUT ME!

SEE!!! Wouldn’t you feel ridiculous!? If I could have sank deep deep down into my seat only to not be seen again I would have but I’m pretty sure they already saw me. It happened twice! Twice I was the odd ball out in the same meeting. How much ruder do you get?

Did I miss a meeting? Is there a Facebook, snapchat, or text group that I am not apart of? Was there a sign that read “Graduate Assistants sit here!” that I missed? All of these questions I would love to know the answer to, but all I received was an email requesting that I attend the meeting. There was no special instructions.

There they were all sitting together and standing up in unison at the request to stand and there I was all alone and in no dress clothes. I wondered was this a sign about what grad school would be like for the next two years or if someone was trying to tell me something. However, I laid my suspicions aside and hoped that my nightmare would never happen again!

Now, I have successfully completed my first week of Grad School and it hasn’t nearly been as bad as that meeting! It’s definitely been a large work load (mentally and physically) I’ve been in a weird cross of feeling like a real adult (cleaning my apartment, paying bills, cooking, budgeting, etc.) and remembering/missing my very first year of undergrad when everything was simple. However, I am focused and anxious for what my future holds. I can’t wait until these next two years are complete!

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  1. Ayye Denay says:

    Ha – I have def been in those awkward positions when i was in grad school. It gets better as you’ve already seen. Try to make friends with some of the others on the “inside”, that way you’re always in the know. Wishing You much success!


  2. D. Sanders says:

    I had that moment at work but it was in reverse. It was casual day and I had no idea. Combined with being the only African American in the room, I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb! Best of luck this year!


  3. wordswithrandie says:

    I’m so sorry that happened to you. That really sucks. I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t be discouraged. I’m sure it will get better.


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