More Than a Comedy

For most Black women, the narrative is true! We tend to give all of ourselves and sacrifice our own self happiness in relationships with men. And it’s not like we intentionally do it, but we love so hard and have this desire/passion to give all of ourselves to those that we love and we love them unconditionally without question – flaws and all, which leads us to sometimes neglecting our own self care! See as Black women we love to no end, only to sometimes not receive the same amount of respect or love in return. Girls Trip was MORE than a comedy, it was a message to all Black women who give too much of themselves up and forget who (insert your name) is. It was nothing short of eye-opening to think about how we forget our personal morals and values. We begin to sacrifice what we wouldn’t tolerate before in order to make something work. I’ve personally seen this from several women in my life, so this message is not far fetched. Below I go into detail about my THREE Take-a-Ways from the Movie:


  1. Don’t Forget who YOU are

It’s important not to forget what makes you who you are. What do you like to do for fun? What do you believe in? What do you in enjoy? In the film, Regina Hall played Ryan Pierce, the woman who forgot who she was due to falling in love and placing herself in the shadows. She forgot what she believed in and what she was willing to tolerate.

It is important to remember – When you are in a relationship, WHO YOU ARE DOES NOT ERASE! Your relationship should not jeopardize or come before Self. In a relationship, you are two INDEPENDENT individuals coming together in the name of love to challenge each other, grow together, and build a life with one another. Your VOICE is NOT SILENCED, but ELEVATED!

It’s okay to fall short and make mistakes, but own your truth, take a deep breathe, and get back to YOU! Every mistake is a chapter in your story and a moment for growth and lessons! DO NOT BE ASHAMED!


  1. Money DOES NOT equal Happiness

No Matter how much money you have, it does not determine your happiness. Money is a material object, while happiness is internal. It’s something that you can’t purchase! It is a feeling unmatched!

Ryan was all work and no play. She had a vision to where she wanted to be and how she wanted her career to unfold (YOU GO GIRL!), but that’s not okay when you let the idea of money or career status interfere with real happiness or satisfaction. Although Ryan had a vision of where she wanted to be, she wasn’t getting to where she wanted to be the right way. She was accepting betrayal and continuous hurt because she did not want to jeopardize the money! But she wasn’t happy, so what difference does the money make anyway? Don’t settle or sell yourself out for temporary satisfaction!


  1. Make TIME for Friends & Appreciate them

Apart of Life is being able to take advantage of ALL life has to offer and making the best out of it. With that being said – MAKE ADVENTURES and MEMORIES that you will never forget! What better group of people to do it with than your friends? As you get older and time progresses, responsibilities tend to take us away from our friends and truly having fun, but it’s important that at every chance you get to step away from life’s responsibilities and make time for WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! Make time for goofy-ness, girl talk, laughs, and fun traditions. Your friends (if they’re real) WILL ALWAYS have your back no matter what & they will ride for you to the end. Don’t take advantage of it or take it for granted!


Girls Trip was for BLACK WOMEN and Y’all (Tiffany Haddish, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Regina Hall) DID THAT!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeuelle says:

    I really enjoyed this movie, more than I thought I would. They really shared deep truths about identity and friendship and life in general. You gave a great synopsis of some of the themes that we can take home with us….


  2. Tione says:

    I need to remind myself these things each day. I still haven’t got a chance to watch that movie.


  3. I still haven’t seen the movie. Now I know what to expect since it sounds a lot deeper than just a comedy.


  4. I have not seen this movie and probably won’t. But I have heard that it has been an underdog in the movie industry. Apparently no one expected her to do as well as it has.


  5. Olivia says:

    Haven’t seen the film! I’ve definitely been neglecting myself! Can’t wait till I’m not broke and can care for myself properly! This list is so good and a great reminder!


  6. Drea Day says:

    These are such great take-aways from the movie. I will admit that in the past I have sacrificed myself in relationships and have had to do some deep soul-searching to figure out who I am as a person. And to be all the way real, I have to revisit that soul-searching often. Thanks for sharing these lessons with us!


  7. Kita says:

    Your first point hits home for me. I definitely forgot who I was when I got married. I am working hard to rediscover myself.


  8. brownsugarfoodblog says:

    I went to see this movie twice. It made me want to connect with my girlfriends and continue to develop our friendships.


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