Confessions of an Introvert

My name is Brytnie and I am an introvert!


Prefers to listen, watch, and reflect

Independent of Others


Like Alone time

GUILTY AS CHARGED! Now, although I believe I am a introvert more than an extrovert…I am on the spectrum of being both! However, my introvert side shines through more often than none and more than I like.

Here’s why:

Lately, Ive been told the same thing from several different people. Lots of people have commented on my “quietness” and lack of engagement in conversation regarding certain topics. I’ve battled with feeling like I don’t talk enough or I’m too anti-social and introverted. There was never a time when I hated my introverted-ness until now…when its been pointed out time and time again and I feel like something is wrong with me.

The problem is…I’ve never been really assertive. I don’t have a huge personality that dominates the room when you come in. I have a personality, but that OVER THE TOP thing, isn’t me! But I’m fun, social, and lovable when you get to know me. To know me is to love me quite frankly. SERIOUSLY!  HAHA.

Back to the subject, in a room full of dominant people who talk and talk and talk…I prefer to be the quiet one because somebody has to shut up right? Often times the person that talks the less has the more relevant and powerful thing to say when they open their mouth. So I’d rather be that girl! Rather than the girl who talks so much everyone avoids holding a conversation and talks about her behind her back (P.S. I’ve met that girl and it wasn’t pretty!)  I’d rather have a meaningful conversation about something I’m passionate about or interested in than something meaningless and than sometimes I just don’t feel like talking! Is that bad?

I also attribute this to me being the only child! I spent a lot of time playing by myself, creating characters, etc. So, it’s always been normal and natural. However, as I’ve gotten older and have moved away, I find myself wanting to be around people more often than not. I find myself lonely at times…and other times I’m okay with being in my room by myself doing homework, listening to music, watching tv, or just doing my own thing. It’s weird but it just depends on my overall mood.

Anyway…Anybody else feel like their “introverted-ness” is a problem or a bad thing?

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