Be Cardi, Tiffany and Issa in 2018




I’ve never been one to say a year was bad and to be honest, I don’t think 2017 was an awful year! But I do think it was eye opening. I’m sure we all can say the same!  WE all shared some “What the..?” moments.

Here are a few highlights of my 2017:

  • Traveled to Los Angeles, CA for the first time
  • Launched Brytnie Devon Blog
  • Graduated with B.A. degree
  • Began Grad School & Completed my first Semester with all A’s
  • Became a model for a friend’s clothing line (Plenty Luxe…Go Check it out by clicking on the company name)
  • Went to Women’s Convention in Detroit, MI (AMMMMAAZZING!!!)
  • Gained new friends
  • Went to cool parties (S/O to all the Birthday Parties, random Kilroy nights, game nights, Christmas Parties, etc.)
  • Saw SZA and Joy Bada$$ in concert
  • Turned 23 years young!

Am I missing anything? Anway…Through everything I’ve learned some things that I couldn’t have learned at any other time in my life and if I’d had learned it before, this year magnified it the most!

1. You Never know when your last day will be

Not to be all sad and depressing, but you honestly never know when your time on this earth is up. So regardless of what may be going on in your life, work to settle differences with individuals. Don’t hold grudges. Love unconditionally. Work toward your dreams. Make sure you are working toward a legacy that you want to be remembered by and make sure that people always know where you stand.

2. LOVE yourself

People will disappoint you. You CAN NOT rely on anyone to make you happy or validate you! Once you love yourself, you can begin to live for you and you can whole-heartedly love others. Once you love yourself, you hold a higher value and standard for how you deserve to be treated. Don’t let yourself burn out. If you are tired and drained from all your responsibilities…Self-care is the move. In other words, sit down somewhere and let your body recuperate.


As a “20 Something”, I’ve come to realize that now is the perfect time to do what makes you happy. Now when I say live your life what I really mean is make it worth while. DO everything you’ve always wanted to do without hesitation. If you’ve always wanted to go bungie jumping, DO IT! If you want to visit Las Vegas, DO IT! If you want to start your own hair company, DO IT! Whatever those goals, dreams, or adventures that you have in mind that you want to accomplish, Go for it! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, because you have all the necessary tools to do so. Don’t let doubt or fear stop you!

4. Do NOT COMPARE- Patience is key!

Everyone has there own story and there own timing. What happened to her at 22, may happen to you at 30. Trust the process boo! You’ll get there when it’s your time. Sometimes you have to go through challenges, experience, and grow a little bit more to get there. Be patient and everything will happen when it’s meant to happen.


Our president is Donald Trump! If that isn’t proof that the world is insane, what else do you need? That’s ALL!

6. Critique BUT don’t OVER DO IT!

We are ALL our worst critiques, I’m sure! With anything we do – whether it’s our business or physical appearance, we always find something wrong with it! I’ve come to realize that it is okay to be critical or a “perfectionist”, but it’s not okay to let your own hang ups hold you back. LET GO and TAKE RISKS! Sometimes our projects could be extraordinary and the world should see it, but instead of publishing it…we hold on to it because we’re not satisfied. THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO GO! If you keep holding on to your gift and not sharing it because it’s not “perfect”, when will it ever get published? Nothing is perfect and the more you keep holding on is the more you are taking away from your road to success. Take risks and accept the praise (and/or criticism from others). Truth be told we all have doubts about our selves and most of the time we’re the only thing standing in our own way.

These are just a few of the many lessons I’ve picked up in 2017! Share yours below so we can compile a list of our much needed messages! To end this post…I will say is be Cardi B, Tiffany Haddish, and Issa Rae in 2018!!!!! Take everything that’s yours! Wear the Crown!

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