The Beginning of a Black Revolution

Black Panther released in theaters February 16th and in just twenty-four days (March 11th to be exact), the film officially crossed $1 billion worldwide at the box office. This year at the 2018 Oscars, Jordan Peele became the first Black screenwriter to win an Oscar for “Best Original Screenplay” for his 2017 film Get Out. I’m officially declaring this time the beginning of a Black Revolution!

Black screenwriters and directors like Ryan Coogler, Jordan Peele, and Ava DuVernay are using the realm of film to celebrate Blackness and share the stories of Black identity across the nation. Due to their hard work and diligence in changing the on screen images of Black identity, they are actively providing positive, strong, and powerful images of Blackness on the BIG screen and in the homes of many.

Black Panther and Get Out are not just great films, they inadvertently speak truth to power. These films highlight a range of circumstances that people of African descent have encountered from colonization to racial discrimination.

Get Out illustrates the horrific reality of being Black in America. It highlights the domination and control that White America has had over Black bodies since slavery! It is a film representational of how Blacks or African Americans are silenced throughout the world, hence the “Sunken Place”, a concept that has been used to depict our marginalization.

However, Black Panther serves as an opposite depiction of the cultural elements, historical wealth, brilliance, and royalty of African identity – the “original” reality that have been stripped away and replaced with the narrative of systematic and institutional oppression. The circumstances that have become our current reality. Black Panther also celebrated Black womanhood and the strength, courage, and wisdom that Black women are birthed with. Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than Black women and it is time that our #BlackGirlMagic is honored and placed at the head of the conversation. Director, Ryan Coogler paid homage to African culture and addressed the disconnect between the relationships of African Americans and Africans in this film and led us all to have a deep discussion on why we, who have come from the same roots, are so divided as a people.

Black Panther and Get Out are movies that will forever go down in history. These are films that our children will watch and look up to years from now. These films are the beginning of a Black Revolution and the creation of several films and shows to come inspired to speak truth to power and change the images of Black identity, much like Seven Seconds and Shots Fired, which highlight the history and sometimes horrific reality of Black identity in America.

It is films and shows like these that will allow us to recognize a source of power within ourselves that will empower us to transcend fear and embrace our internal strength and power.

14 thoughts on “The Beginning of a Black Revolution

  1. These are both amazing movies with such great messages. I agree, they will definitely be movies to watch for years and generations to come.


  2. Great article! I would love for you to do a companion article highlighting a character like Killmonger and Chris (Get out) and how the experiences from Get out could lead someone down a road such as Killmonger.. you already touched on how we have been silenced by the sunken place, but i would love to hear your thoughts on how that silence can birth a killmonger

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  3. All I can say is YAAAAASSSSSS and keep it coming Black Hollywood. I am here for all of this and want more of this to show my babies. It is time for more and better representation on the big screen and to tell our stories.


  4. I am super excited and stoked that so much is happening in Black Hollywood, it is so refreshing, inspiring, and uplifting to see people of color doing their thing behind the scenes!


  5. The movies that are being done by us for us all and the support it has been getting is long overdue. This is a great article giving credit where credit is due.


  6. Get Out is a excellent film. I haven’t been to see Black Panther as of yet, since I was waiting for all the hype to die down. I want to take my girls to see it, and finally we will go this weekend. Honestly I hope that this momentum keeps pushing forward. It’s been a long time coming for US.


  7. #yesss I’m loving all these movies. They are uniquely written and great in there own way. I’m all for it and look forward to seeing us more on the big screen including myself. lol


  8. I enjoy seeing great African American actors in film. While it’s nice that these films highlight the black experience in America, there are many other beautiful aspects of our culture. I would like to see those depicted more in films.


  9. I hope this momentum keeps up and Hollywood is more apt to greenlight movies with Black Directors. I’m all here for it!


  10. Definitely agree with your article 100%. These movies have changed the energy and momentum for us. Massive reminder to us all to step into our greatness. Great words and thoughts


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