For Colored Girls Who Were Once Afraid to LIVE

The title of this piece is a tribute in remembrance of the great Ntozhage Shange. 

My grandmother said that her biggest regret or mistake in relationships has been giving men too much power and believing that they would do things for her that she could have done for herself!

This statement has been stuck with me ever since and has become something that lives in the back of my mind. I can’t help but to think of the woman who also live in her shoes. The women who have the same regret. The women who have lived there lives for others so much that they forget to live for themselves!

For years, we’ve been taught to wear an invisible cape and be everyone’s superhero. It’s almost as if it’s embedded into our DNA, the gene of a superwoman…but what about being your own superhero? What about putting yourself first? What about living for you? What about loving you?

For every woman who forgot to live for themselves…I encourage you to be your own superwoman and LIVE life! Do something that makes you happy and continue to get to know and embrace who you are! 

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