Artist to artist. Creative to creative. We all have the desire to create, share and connect. Art is commonly defined as a diverse catalogue of visual, auditory and performing artifacts. 

Joint is a collection of art created and seen through the lens of film, photography and graphic design. It highlights the works and lives of creatives of all types including: DJs, photographers, writers/bloggers and vibe curators. 

This 1st edition is a preview of the lives and works of 4 different but similar individuals. Although they exist in different realms and practice different forms of artistry – they all have one thing in common – the desire to move people physically, mentally and emotionally. Through their everyday work, they hope to leave a lasting impression on the lives of those who cross paths with the art. 

From the creative mind of Khari, commonly known as @de_la_rich, we present you with a virtual exhibit, Joint. We hope you’re inspired. We hope you enjoy. And we hope that you never stop appreciating the art and those who dedicate their lives to setting their souls free through creativity, beauty and emotional power. 

Instagram & Twitter: @brytniedevon

Instagram: @ravallaver – Twitter: @GiGi_3G

Instagram & Twitter: @ibetuwnta_lexus

Instagram: @slickvicthedj – Twitter: @slickvic_bsb

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