Purge (verb); to violently remove a group of people considered undesirable from society by those in positions of power.

African-Americans were destined to live the more fruitful lives, that’s why Caucasians are in the process of creating our demise.

When they see us celebrating love and not living in hell, they shoot us down like they did Sean Bell.

If they’re having a bad day it’s us they choose to relieve their internal rant. They shoot first, ask questions later. Oops! There goes Oscar Grant.

When your black child is missing you won’t see his face on a milk carton. He’ll be lying face down in the grass like Trayvon Martin.

You want to speak up. You want to protest but like Eric Garner, they’ll silence you until you have no breath.

Should we surrender? Hands up? Drop slowly to the ground? No, because then there would be a million more Mike Browns.

White kids play with real guns and it’s not considered a vice, but a black kid playing with a bb gun ends up like Tamir Rice.

White people feel so supreme that they don’t have to speak up for their actions. Holding a traffic violator in jail for their own satisfaction.

It’s time for us to unite and stand hand in hand. #BlackLivesMatter rest in peace to Sandra Bland.

Rest in peace to Trayvon Martin, my hood remains up for you. Rest in peace Sean Bell, your fiancé never gets to say “I do.”

Rest in peace Mike Brown, my hands are up and never going down. Rest in peace George Floyd, we won’t let another hit the ground.

Rest in peace Oscar Grant, I’ll celebrate every New Years Eve for you. Rest in peace Tamir Rice, I’ll shoot one in the air for you too.

They try to justify your deaths, but truth is they can not. There’s no health condition, no accident, no reason for this plot.

They’re not scared, they’re not threatened, they’re not under attack. They are killing us solely because we are black.

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