About Me

Hey there, I am Brytnie Devon and I am excited that you are visiting my blog! 

Brytnie Devon is a blog dedicated to providing a voice to the voiceless, empowering women, and celebrating blackness. It is your everyday fun, inspiring, and entertaining read. Brytnie Devon hopes to be a space where you are able to feel connected to the culture.

I am 25 years young and I am from Gary, Indiana. 

I love conversations about music, love, literature, art, and black excellence. Some of my favorite things to do are shop, read, watch television,  travel, write, eat, and laugh.

I believe there is beauty in the process, and blessings in the journey. I’ve often become very discouraged during the process of creating.

I don’t have the perfect mission or goal, but I know that I have something to say and something that I could contribute to the world. I have been writing since I was a kid and it is something that I love and want to share. 

Since July 4, 2017, we have been sharing stories. 

I am beyond excited for everything that we will accomplish and experience together! Subscribe to my blog, and follow my social media to get a closer look at my journey becoming the Queen I was destined to be! Stay tuned!

Also feel free to check out my podcast: 3 for a Dolla podcast!